Български червен кръст 
Планинска спасителна служба 
При нещастен случай, дежурни телефони:
Mtel, Vivatel: 1470,
Мобиком: 048/1843
БТК: 02 963 2000
Mtel, Vivatel - за справки или съвети: 1471
About MRS  За въпроси, мнения и реклама 

място за рекламни банери

What is the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service

  • The Mountain Rescue Service is a specialized organization within the Bulgarian Red Cross. Its activities are based on the "Law of the Bulgarian Red Cross" (27.09.1995), the "In-laws of the Bulgarian Red Cross" and the "Regulations of the Activities and Structure of the Mountain Rescue Service".
  • Through the law the state has delegated to the Bulgarian Red Cross the responsibility to perform "mountain rescue" through its Mountain Rescue Service. In that sense, the activities of the Mountain Rescue Service are regulated by the legal system of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • The Mountain Rescue Service is the sole organization in Bulgaria, which deals with mountain rescue. It has been recognized as such by the International Organization of Mountain Rescue IKAR and is its member since 1971.
  • The Mountain Rescue Service conducts its activities in accordance with the principles of the Red Cross as well as its own traditions.
  • The Mountain Rescue Service is structured on a mixed volunteer-professional principle.
  • The official badge of the Mountain Rescue Service is an edelweiss with a red cross inserted in it and the words "БЧК " (Bulgarian Red Cross) and "ПЛАНИНСКА СПАСИТЕЛНА СЛУЖБА" (Mountain Rescue Service).
  • The Mountain Rescue Service has an octagonal red stamp with the official badge in it.
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